How do I use the Slate Page?

To add a Slate page, click the Add New Pages button in your Update Index.

The Slate page allows students to do drawing or graphics work and print it or email it to you. Students can draw against a blank green, white or black background. You can also upload your own worksheets for students to draw on. Examples of such worksheets are maps, connect-the-dots, matching pairs, word search, mazes. See examples.

Only graphic files can be used as a Slate page background, so worksheets will have to be standard image files.  If you would like to post a document, it may have to be converted or scanned so that it can be uploaded to your site as an image.  All graphics files that have been uploaded to your site will appear as options for selection here.  See here for instructions on uploading graphics to your website.

If you have complex drawing assignments that require students save their drawings for multiple sessions/updates, then, and only then, students will need a log in ID.  Visit the Slate Help Center for additional information on student logins, managing student logins and logging in as a student.

You can add up to 7 Slate pages.

  • Mac users must use OS 10 (or later).
  • Slate requires Java to be installed on your computer.  Current Java software can be downloaded for free at
Additional help on Slate pages is available at the Slate Help Center