Can I send a NewsFlash notice to my mobile device or cell phone?

Yes. When you add the "Subscribe to this NewsFlash" button to a NewsFlash page, parents and students will have the option of entering either an email address or a cell phone number. 

To enter a phone number, users should click the "Subscribe to this NewsFlash", then select the "Send Email to my mobile device" option. Next, enter the cell phone number and specify the wireless provider. Click the "Send Test Email" button to send yourself a test message. Once you've confirmed you can receive text messages, then click the "Add Your Mobile Device Address" button to receive Newflash notifications.

If your wireless provider is not listed, you can re-select the "Send Email to my computer" option, then enter the correct email address for your cell phone just as you would any other email address.

Please also feel free to send a support ticket to TeacherWeb asking that your mobile carrier be added to the list.