What are some of the options for a NewsFlash page?

Customization options on the NewsFlash page will allow you to:

  • Override the default options for the NewsFlash email's Subject line (the default is "NewsFlash")

  • Override the default options for the NewsFlash email's "From" name.

    Note: Even if you enter a different "From" name, your site's registered email address will still be shown in the email.  If you do not want your registered email address to be known by recipients, you should not use the NewsFlash page.

  • Add your own message (up to 120 characters long) to the NewsFlash email or text message.

  • Post a button on the page that allows others to add their email address (or their cellphone's email-to-text message address) to that page's Email Distribution List.  When you activate this option, an "Subscribe to this NewsFlash" button will appear at the bottom of your NewsFlash page.

  • Set a password for the "Subscribe to this NewsFlash" button so that only approved users can add themselves to your list.
  • Edit your email distribution list however needed.

All of these options can be selected from the update page associated with your NewsFlash page.  See the NewsFlash Instructions page for more information on the available options.