How can I import the system corrected Response Page grades into a Grades page or other program?

The Update Response page includes the option to add a Student ID input box to your Response page.  To allow yourself to import grades into a Grades page, you should:

  1. Activate the Collect Student ID option.
  2. Select the option to have responses accumulate in a file to be emailed.
  3. Provide system-correctable answers to some questions (as described here).

If these three conditions are met, you will receive an additional Grades Export file with your Response email when you click the Retrieve All Responses button on the Update Response page.  You can save this file on your computer and then import it directly into a Grades page. The file contains a header row, so place a check in the "First Row in File contains important header information" box when you import the file into a Grades page (additional instructions are provided here).

Alternatively, since the Grades Export file uses the standard Tab-delimited format, you can import it into a spreadsheet program (e.g., Excel), into a word processing program (e.g., Word) as a table, or into some gradebook programs.

More information about the Response pages is available here.