What is a Calendar (Events Listing) page? What is a Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) page? How are they different from the Table (Schedule) page?

The Calendar (Events Listing) page lists dated events in a compact list format in chronological order from the top of the page to the bottom.

The Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) page posts a grid of calendar events that you've set up through the Calendar: Manage Events section of your Update Index.  Click here for more information.

The Table page type was designed to display a weekly schedule (or other small table) - the format is like a standard calendar layout, but the system does not provide dates.

Alternatively, you can copy calendars and other tables from Word, Excel, etc. and paste them into an Enhanced Text page, an All Purpose page, or a Homework With Text Formatting page.  TeacherWeb offers sample template calendars that can be copied - click here for more information.

Also click here for a description of all TeacherWeb page types.