How do I add a Microsoft Publisher document to my web?

There are several ways to place documents created with Microsoft Publisher on your web site.

- If you are using the 2002 (or higher) version of Publisher, the easiest option is to use the "Save As Picture" command, selecting the .GIF or .JPG format. You can upload the resulting file (or files) to your site using the File Management option in your Update Index.   You can then post your graphics using a Photos/Documents, Gallery, or Enhanced Text page.  Click here for full information on uploading graphics and posting them to your website.

- If you do not have Publisher 2002 or higher available, you can use the "Save as Web Page" option, and then upload the resulting .HTM or .HTML file to one of your HTML Pages (or MyPages).  Click here for instructions on uploading your own HTML files to the site.

Alternatively, if you upload the html pages using the File Management section of your Update Index, remember to change the file named "index.html" to some other name such as "main.html" before trying to upload it.

For Publisher 2002 and later versions, it's best to not allow Publisher to save the graphics in a separate subfolder when you Save As Web Page - you can do this by going to the Publisher menu and selecting, Tools, then Options, then Web Options, and then unchecking the option for Supporting Folder, prior to saving the document as a web page.

- Alternatively, you could just upload your document in the Publisher .pub format, and make it available on one of your Photos/Documents Pages. However, viewers will need to have Publisher on their computers to view the file.