How do I add a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or slideshow to my web?

Uploading as PPT file (Powerpoint File):

If all your viewers have PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer on their workstations, you can just upload the PowerPoint presentation file (the .ppt file) to your web using your File Management section as described here.  You can then post the document to a Photos/Documents page.

When viewers click on your PowerPoint presentation entry on your Photos/Documents page, they will see the presentation with all it's PowerPoint functionality (as long as they have PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint Viewer). If the viewer has Internet Explorer, the presentation will be displayed in the browser window. If the viewer has Firefox or Netscape, the viewer will be given the option to Open the presentation in a separate PowerPoint window or to Save the presentation on the viewer's workstation. (Note: The PowerPoint Viewer can be downloaded by any user at no charge from Microsoft's website at Just type "PowerPoint Viewer" into the search box in the top right corner of the screen, and you will be given options for downloads. The user should choose the appropriate version of the Viewer for his/her system.)

Other options:
Most computers come with the ability to view PowerPoint presentations.  If some students' computers do not already have that capability, the free Powerpoint viewer is readily available as discussed above. However: if you wish to post a PowerPoint presentation for viewers who do NOT have either PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer on their workstations, there are other options available.  However, the procedure will be more complicated. There are two distinct approaches:

- First, you can use File|Save As to save all slides as a set of separate GIF files, then upload those GIF files using the File Management section of your Update Index.  You can then add those files to the list of photos/docs on your Photos/Documents page, or post the images in other ways (more info on uploading photos here).

If you have chosen a non-solid color for your background for your slides, you may be able to reduce the file size for each GIF file substantially by changing to a solid color background for your slides prior to using Save As to produce the GIF files

- Second, you can use PowerPoint's Save As HTML menu option to create a version of the file in HTML format, then upload the HTML file to your site as described here.  However, please note that PowerPoint presentations are usually NOT simple, standalone, text-only HTML pages.  PowerPoints of different complexity will require varying levels of expertise to upload all the pieces correctly.

If you have an old version of PowerPoint such as '97, the procedure is relatively simple. You can upload the "Saved As HTML" html files as web pages and upload any referenced graphics using the File Management section of your Update Index.  (If one of the generated HTML pages is named Index.html, you will have to rename it before uploading it.) When you upload the presentation as HTML pages, then all can view it in their browser whether they have a PowerPoint program on their workstation or not.

However, if you have more recent versions of PowerPoint that uses Save As Web Pages instead of Save As HTML, you should NOT attempt this option.  For these more recent versions of PowerPoint, the output is too complex to be properly uploaded to your site as an HTML file.