How do I upload documents or special files to my TeacherWeb site?

Trial Webs: 

Uploading files is not permitted during the trial period.  Please ensure that your web is paid before using this capability.

PAID Webs:

There are two steps to uploading and posting a file:
  1. Upload the file so that it is available for use in your site.
  2. Post a link to allow others to download the file.

To upload your files to your website:

  1. Go to your Update Index page.

  2. Click the Page Settings tab, then click File Management.

  3. On the resulting page, click the Browse button (at the top of the page) to select a file on your computer.

  4. If you would like to upload more than one file, you can click the "Add New Item" link to add additional file entry boxes.  You can upload as many files as you like at once.  Once you have added new entry boxes, repeat Step 3 to select each file you'd like to upload.

  5. Once your file or files have been selected, click the Upload File(s) button to submit the upload.

    - Add to a Photos/Documents Page:
    This page type allows you to post links to any of your uploaded files.  Visitors to the site can click on these links to view or download your documents.

    To add a Photos/Documents page, go to your Update Index and stay in the default "Update Index" page, which displays a list of all your site's pages.  On this page, click the Add New Page button and select "Photos / Documents".

    Next, go to the Photos/Documents page and visit the page's Update section.  Select your uploaded file from the drop-down File Name list, then enter text into the corresponding Description box.  Submit the update. 

    The Description text you entered will appear on the page as a link to the file you selected.

    To add new entries, click the "
    Add Photo/Doc Item" link at the bottom of the page.

    - Add to an Enhanced Text Page: The Enhanced Text page type provides a text box with a formatting toolbar.  Click here for more information on this page type.  Each Enhanced Text page includes a "Files/Links" drop-down menu - all of your uploaded files appear here.  You can select files from the menu to insert links that allow others to download the file.

    Please note:
    When you upload a document/"special" file, it is NOT converted to web page format.  In most cases, these files will be downloaded to the user's computer, and can be opened using the program that created the file.  (For example, a Word document would be opened in Word.)

    Unlike .gif, .jpg or .htm files, a document will usually not display in the browser.  There are some exceptions: for example, PDF files will usually open within a browser window.   Also, Internet Explorer will often be able to open a Microsoft-based file (such as a Word document) so that it appears to display within the browser window.  Other non-Microsoft browsers will open the file in a separate program window, or just allow you to download the file.

    However, many other, non-standard document types will just be downloaded to the student's PC/Mac and the student will have to view them with a program that understands that document file type. For example, if a student has Word on his/her workstation, he/she can use Word to read many different document file types.

    Alternatively, if the program that was used to create the document allows you to Save As HTML, you may wish to use that option and upload the document as a web page so that all can view it in their browser.  Click Here for more information on uploading HTML files to your website.

    Copyright Notice: When uploading files, it is your responsibility to act in accordance with the copyright and trademark laws of the United States.