What puzzles and games are available to be added? How do I use the word search and number block puzzle generators?

View Video Tutorials Here:
Number Block Puzzle Tutorial
Word Search Puzzle Tutorial

To add a word search or number search puzzle to your site:

  1. Go to your Update Index page. 

  2. Click the "Page Settings" tab.

  3. Click the Worksheets option, then select the type of puzzle you'd like to create.

  4. Select the Add link (near the top right of the page) to add a new puzzle of that type.
  5. Once you have defined the parameters for your puzzle and generated the puzzle as a web page, you can print out the puzzle web page. 

    The puzzle will also automatically be added as one of the pages in your website.  (It will automatically be set as a Hidden page.  You can unhide it to cause it to display in your site's navigation bars, or use a Links page to link to the hidden page.  Click here for more information on hidden pages.)

    Puzzles will also appear as selectable options in the Files/Links menu on your Enhanced Text pages.