What is a Classic Frame style web? How do I get a Classic Frame web? How do I get my links in a sidebar on the left hand side of my pages?

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The Classic Frame style is similar to Classic, but the Home page is removed.  Instead, a navigation sidebar will appear to the left side of all pages.  See a sample Frame Style web here.

Since the Classic style's usual Home Page is removed, the first page in your page order effectively becomes your home page, and it will be the first page visitors see when they enter your web address.

To convert to a Frame Style web:

  1. Go to your Update Index

  2. Click the Site Settings tab.

  3. In the Design Styles menu, select Classic Frame.  (Leave the "Color Themes" menu on its default setting, "No Change".)

  4. Click the Update Look & Feel button to submit.

We also offer Template Design styles.  These setups also use a left-hand navigation sidebar (similar to the Classic Frame setup) instead of a home page.  However, these styles also provide a pre-fixed selection of graphics, backgrounds etc. to create a themed, stylized site.  Click here for more information.

All design styles other than Classic and Classic Frame are Template Design styles.