Can we use TeacherWeb, or any part of TeacherWeb, on our own server or as part of our software?

Use of any part of TeacherWeb® requires a license be obtained from TeacherWeb, Inc. TeacherWeb® is currently not being licensed for use on others' servers and there are no near term plans for such licensing. The web page layout and web page design are protected by copyright. The "TeacherWeb" name is a registered trademark and cannot be used by others. All graphics created by TeacherWeb, Inc. are copyrighted. Those graphics obtained from 3rd parties for use in the TeacherWeb® application are copyrighted by those third party companies and cannot be used outside of TeacherWeb® unless you obtain a license from those companies. The technique for updating pages used in TeacherWeb® is protected by copyright and patent laws.  TeacherWeb® is protected under patent 7,167,903.