How do I change my Look & Feel? What are the Design Styles? What are the Color Themes?

To change the Look & Feel for your site, go to your Update Index and click the Site Settings tab.  The Look & Feel section will display by default.

First, select a Design Style in the first box. 

All design styles other than Classic and Classic Frame are Template Designs.  These provide a fixed, themed template for your site. 

The Classic and Classic Frame styles provide a more customizable design that allows you to set up your own combination of fonts, backgrounds, graphics, etc.

Next, in the second box, select a Color Theme.

Most Template Design styles will display a few options for Color Theme.  These will allow you to choose some variant colors for the design.  Some themes also allow you to adjust if certain prominent images in the design display on top of text, behind text, or not at all.

In Classic and Classic Frame webs, you will have a larger variety of options under Color Theme.  These options provide color accents and allow you to quickly create a coordinated look for your whole web.

In Classic and Classic Frame webs, you will be able to adjust any options you select to create a customized display.  After selecting a Color Theme, you can still use the customization tools on the site (described here) to make specific adjustments.  For example, if you choose the Khaki/Sage Color Theme, you can then use the Customize Home Page option to select a different bottom banner color for the home page (or use the Background/Divider Lines option to change the divider line, etc.), while leaving the other elements of the Color Theme unchanged.

Once you have selected a Design Style and Color Theme, you will see a preview of your selection in the Preview box.  If you would like to apply the new design to your site, click the Update Look & Feel button at the bottom of the page to submit the update.