The block of text I entered had some very short lines when displayed on the View page. What can I do?

If you update a page using two different browsers, then short lines can occur because of the differences between the way different browsers handle word wrapping. "Different" browsers can be any difference - for example, Internet Explorer 5 for the Mac is different than Internet Explorer 5 for the PC and even different than Internet Explorer 4 for the Mac. (Note that when you move to a new version of AOL a new browser may be used.)

Try to use the same browser to update any given page. Second, if you paste text that has been copied from another source AND that text contains "hard" end of line characters, then those imported end of line characters can cause short lines. To get rid of "old" short lines, go to the update page and place the cursor at the end of the short line and hit delete. That should bring the following line up. You may have to continue eliminating new short lines until you reach the end of the paragraph.