How can I allow students or others to update/add info to my web site? How can I use the Alternate Password facility?

You can allow students to update certain, selected pages of your web site by assigning the Alternate Password to those pages.

You can have only one Alternate Password for your web site, but it can be assigned to as many pages as you want.  Please be sure to give out the Alternate Password only to responsible students.  TeacherWeb, Inc. does not take responsibility for what is written or placed on your pages. The registered owner of a TeacherWeb site is responsible for all content posted to the site.

To create or edit an Alternate Password, go to your Update Index and click the My Account tab.  Click the Password Management link in the left sidebar.  Here, you can enter or edit an Alternate Password.   (Your Main Password and Viewer Code can also be updated here.)

To set up a page so that it can be updated using the Alternate Password, go to your Update Index and click the Edit Page Settings button for that page.  Change the "Allow updates using alternate password" setting to "Yes".  Click the Save button to submit the update.

Once you submit the update, the pages you selected will be able to be updated using the Alternate Password (as well as your regular password).

Note:  Please remember that the registered owner of the site is responsible for any and all content posted on their TeacherWeb site and for compliance with TeacherWeb Terms and Conditions.