What is the All Purpose page type, and what can it be used for?

As the name implies, the All Purpose page type can be used for a wide range of purposes. It can be used to duplicate the functions of most other page types.  The All Purpose page includes a formatting toolbar with a variety of options.  You can format text, create hyperlinks, create tables, spell check, insert your uploaded graphics, and more.  You can also copy and paste formatted text and tables from outside sources (such as a Word document) directly into the page.

To add an All Purpose page, go to your Update Index and click the Add New Pages button.

The All Purpose page requires up-to-date Java software to update.  Go to www.java.com to check that your version of Java is current, or download the most current version for free.

Advanced users can also edit the HTML source code behind the All Purpose page (using the HTML Source tab in the lower left corner of the editing window).  However, please note that if you then encounter problems when doing this, you're on your own - TeacherWeb Support will not be able to help with problems caused by updates you make to the HTML code.  If you do try this and create problems in the page, you should remove all of your content (by completely clearing all text in the HTML Source section) and start again.