How do I upload music or upload video and use music or use video in my TeacherWeb site? How do I upload a podcast?

TRIAL Webs: 

Uploading files is not permitted during the trial period.  Please ensure that your web is paid before using this capability.

PAID Webs:

There are two steps to uploading and posting a media file:

  1. Upload the file so that it is available for use in your site.
  2. Select where and how you'd like to post the media file.


To upload your files to your website:

  1. Go to your Update Index page.

  2. Click the Page Settings tab, then click File Management.

  3. On the resulting page, click the Browse button (at the top of the page) to select a file on your computer.

  4. If you would like to upload more than one file, you can click the "Add New Item" link to add additional file entry boxes.  You can upload as many files as you like at once.  Once you have added new entry boxes, repeat Step 3 to select each file you'd like to upload.

  5. Once your file or files have been selected, click the Upload File(s) button to submit the upload.

Your files will now be available for use in a variety of ways.  See below for information on ways to use your uploaded files.


After uploading, you can use your media files in a few different ways:

  • Post Music or Video Files to Automatically Play on Your Site.
    You can post media files to automatically play on any page.

To do this, go to your Update Index and click the Edit Page Settings button for the page on which you'd like to post the file.  Click the "Select" button next to Top Media or Bottom Media, and select your file from the drop-down list.

  • Link Your File to a Photos/Documents Page or Enhanced Text Page.
    The Photos/Documents page type allows you to post links to uploaded files.  Posting links to your media files will allow users to access or download your uploaded music and videos.

    To add a Photos/Documents page, go to your Update Index, then click the Add New Pages button near the bottom of the page.  Select "Photos/Documents".

    Once you've added a Photos/Documents page to your web, go to that page and click the top divider line to access the page's Update section. Further specific instructions will appear on that page.

    You can also use the Enhanced Text page to post file links, just like the links in a Photos/Documents page.  To do this, you would go to your Enhanced Text page and select the file from the page's Files/Links drop-down menu.  A link to the file will be inserted into the page.

  • Use HTML Code to Post Music/Video Files to Other Pages.
    If you are familiar with HTML code, you can use this option to embed uploaded music files into any plain-text section of your site. 

    Click here for more information on using HTML code to create effects.

    The correct code to embed an audio or video file that you have uploaded to your website is:
    <EMBED SRC=audiofile.mp3></EMBED>

    In the code above, you would replace audiofile.mp3 with the file name of your uploaded audio file.

    Many external websites will provide videos, along with HTML code allowing you to embed the video into your site.  See this
    Video Tutorial for information on using HTML code to embed videos from external websites.
Copyright Notice:  When uploading files, it is your responsibility to act in accordance with the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and to ensure compliance with the TeacherWeb Terms and Conditions.