How much space do I get for my TeacherWeb site to upload files, images, and documents? What steps can I take if I'm running low on upload space?

Each TeacherWeb classroom site currently includes 100 MB of upload space.  TeacherWeb school and district websites include 115 MB of upload space.

There is not currently an official option to purchase additional upload space through the site.  If you are running low on space, the following suggestions may help:

- You can delete files that you are not actively using to free up additional space.  Removing obsolete files will free space to upload new files.  If you have files posted that you only use at certain times of year, you may wish to remove them temporarily, then re-upload them when you wish to use them.

- Another option is to take steps to reduce the size of your large files.  This can often be done by reducing the image resolution of image files, or images embedded in document files.

Many image files have a very high resolution - much larger than is actually needed to display the image on a computer screen.  You can often reduce the image resolution to create a much smaller file, with no loss of image quality.  If the images are embedded in a document (such as a Word or PDF file), you can re-embed the modified images to create a smaller file.

- There are a number of services online dedicated to the purpose of hosting files in an online location.  (Your school may also allow you to upload files to a school server.)  If you upload files to any online location, you will be able to post links on your TeacherWeb site that allow others to access the files.  You would simply use a basic hyperlink leading to the file's online location.  (It is also possible to embed external images and video into your site using HTML code if needed - please contact TeacherWeb Support if you need assistance with this.)

- Similar to the option above, you could create a new backup TeacherWeb site at $39/year to gain access to an extra 100MB of upload space.  You could post links on your main site that lead to files hosted on the backup site.  Again, please contact TeacherWeb Support if you would like to try this option and you need further assistance.