On 3/10/2015, TeacherWeb discontinued the automatic renewal option. How does this system update affect me?

TeacherWeb Billing Advisory FAQ

March 2, 2015

• Why is this change occuring?

TeacherWeb is opting to no longer store consumer credit card information. Users who pay by credit card will need to renew manually prior to their account expiration date. 


• My school or district pays for my TeacherWeb site. Will this change affect me?

No. Only users who pay for their sites by credit card will be affected. 


• How far in advance can I pay for my TeacherWeb site?
The maximum renewal period for TeacherWeb accounts is one year. 


• Will I be notified when my billing cycle is coming to an end?

Yes.  A few weeks before your site’s expiration date, renewal reminders will be sent to your site’s registered email address.  You will also see a notification of upcoming renewal in your Update Index.


• What happens if I forget to renew and my account expires? Will my site still be live? Will I be able to retrieve my site?   

If your site is not renewed by the expiration date, the site will remain online for a few weeks.  During this time, no updates can be made, but you can still log in to submit payment and reactivate the site.  If no payment is made during this period, the site will eventually go offline.  However, we do preserve archived copies of sites for several months, and we should be able to recover the site if you wish to pay and reactivate your site.  To restore a site that has gone offline, you should contact our Support team at support@teacherweb.com.

How do I renew by credit card?

To renew by credit card, go to your Update Index (by clicking the Copyright link at the bottom of any page) and select My Account > Make A Payment.  Here, you can enter your credit card information and submit a renewal payment.  See more information at:


If you have any further questions, please contact support@teacherweb.com or go to our Support Center and submit a request.