What steps should I take to prepare my site for the new school year when the old school year ends?

Don't forget to clear old information from your site at the end of the year.  This can help to streamline your site for the upcoming year, and avoid confusion for parents and students (both old and new).

At the end of the school year, we recommend taking the following steps to clear old content from your site (where applicable):

  • • Clear old NewsFlash subscribers
  • • Clear old Grades information
  • • Delete obsolete File Uploads
  • • Remove obsolete Pages

Here's how to apply each of these changes:
- NewsFlash: The most important step is to clear your NewsFlash email distribution list.  It's easier to fully clear the list at the end of the year than it is to delete old users once new users have started being added to the list.

To Clear your NewsFlash list, go to your Update Index, then select Page Settings > NewsFlash > Manage Subscribers.  Click the "Click here to delete all subscriptions on this page" link to clear all checkboxes, then click the Update button to submit the update.

- Grades: If you had a Grades page and entered grades info last year, you should delete that obsolete info.  To do this, go to your Update Index, then select Page Settings > Grades.  For each Grades page, click the "Delete All Grades" button or the "Reset Gradebook to Default" button. (Different options will appear depending on what method you used to post grades.)

- File Uploads: You may wish to delete some old files and photos that were specific to last year's classroom.  To delete files, go to your Update Index, then select Page Settings > File Management.  Click the Delete button next to any file you wish to delete.

- Pages: You may wish to delete some individual pages containing information specific to the previous year.  To delete pages, go to your Update Index and click the Delete button next to the page you'd like to remove.  You can always restore the page later by going to the Deleted Pages tab.