My formattable page is responding slowly/is having performance issues. What can I do to address this? What does the "Automatically clean input to optimize for the web" checkbox do?

In some cases, extra HTML formatting code can be copied into a formattable page (Enhanced Text, All Purpose, etc.) when you copy and paste text from an outside source, such as a Word document.  Excess code can also sometimes build up over time in some page types if you make repeated changes without ever fully clearing the page's contents.

This unnecessarily complex code can cause problems in the page, including display problems on the View page, and slow performance on the Update page.

There are a few options available that will help you to clean up this formatting and correct any related issues.

At the bottom of some pages, you will see a checkbox labelled "Automatically clean input to optimize for the web."  Mark this checkbox before submitting your update to clean up unnecessary or repetitive formatting code.  This should improve the performance of the page.  

There should be little to no change to the display of the page's content when you use this option.

The Enhanced Text page type also provides an additional option for clearing a page's HTML code.  (This option will clean the code even further, and can change the appearance of your page's content.)

To use this option in an Enhanced Text page:
1) Go to the Update section of the Enhanced Text page.  Click the "Clean Up HTML" button.  (This is the broom icon in the top row.)

2) In most cases, you will get the best results if you click the bottom four buttons: "Remove all word specific markup", "Clean up cascading style sheets", "Clean up Font tags", and "Clean up Span tags".  (The top button will remove ALL code in the page, including paragraph breaks, so you should only click this button if no other option removes the unwanted code.)  Next, click Cancel to close the window.

3) The excess code should now be removed.  However, some desired formatting may also be removed.  Use the tools in the page to restore any desired formatting.  (Formatting added in this way will be much cleaner, and should not have problems.)