When I apply a new template to a TeacherWeb school or district site, the school graphic and/or principal picture seems distorted. How can I fix this?

TeacherWeb school and district websites include the option to post graphics on the site for the School Picture, Principal Picture, and Mascot/School Logo.

In Classic webs, these images will display "as is", in the exact size and proportions of the image.  However, in Template Design webs, a window with a fixed size is provided to display each of these images.  Since the Template Design webs use a fixed display, any image will be automatically resized to fit the setup of that template.  Please note that different templates use different image window sizes.

If your graphic is distorted in the display you would like to use, you should resize the image to the correct proportions, then re-upload it to the site.  Graphics will display correctly when resized to the correct proportions for that template.

Here is a list of the correct image sizes for each of the school templates:

·         School picture – 500 x 325px
·         Principal picture – 150 x 150px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 56 x 77px

·         School picture – 148 x 115px
·         Principal picture – 148 x 115px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 61 x 59px

·         School picture – 224 x 147px
·         Principal picture – 134 x 181px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 108 x 108px

·         School picture – 493 x 183px
·         Principal picture – 248 x 199px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 61 x 59px

·         School picture – 430 x 182px
·         Principal picture – 310 x 182px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 179 x 206px

·         School picture – 546 x 260px
·         Principal picture – 200 x 154px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 167 x 167px

·         School picture – 430 x 182px
·         Principal picture – 310 x 182px
·         Mascot/School Logo – 206 x 179px