How do I apply a Template Design to my website? How can I change the look and feel of my site to a themed design? How do I update my site once I apply a template?

To apply a new Template Design to your site, go to your Update Index and click the Site Settings tab. 

The "Look And Feel" page is the first page in this section, and will appear by default when you go to Site Settings. 

To apply a design, select an option in the Design Style box, then select an option in the Color Theme box.  Submit the update.

Please note that when you apply a Template Design, your site is updated in a slightly different way.  You would click the Last Modified date to reach an individual page's Update section, and click the Copyright Notice (reading "© 2009 TeacherWeb, Inc.") to reach the Update Index.

Click here for more information on updating in both Classic and Template Design setups.