How do I set up a new event in my Calendar: Manage Events list? What are the different options in the Add Event section of the Calendar: Manage Events page?

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To update your Calendar Events, go to your Update Index and click the Page Settings tab.  The Calendar section is first in the list, and will display by default on the "Manage Events" page.  You can add new events by clicking the Add Event button on the left side of the page.

Click here for general information on how to set up events and post them to your Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) pages.

Here is an explanation of the options listed on the Add Events page:

  • Title: This is the title of the event.  This text will appear in the calendar grid box for the event, and will also appear in the event description box when you click on the event.

    You should only enter a brief description of the event here (just a few words).  You can enter a more complete description in the Description section below.
  • Category: This is the group to which the event belongs.  You must select a category for each event.

    When you first create an event, you will need to create a new category.  Click the Add link next to Category to add new categories (you can also delete old categories here).  Each new category you add will be included in the drop-down Category list for all new events (unless you choose to delete the category).

    Categories are used to filter events.  The Calendar
    (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) pages include the option of posting all events, or only events in certain selected categories.  Your category groups should correspond to the way you would like to group events on different pages.

    For example, you could create separate categories for "Test dates", "Holidays", and "Birthdays".  You could set up three different Calendar
    (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) pages, and set each page to only display events from a particular category.
  • Location: This is the location of the event.  The text you enter here will be displayed in the event description box that appears when you click on an event.
  • Start Date/End Date: This is the date or dates of the event.  If the event is specific to one date, enter the date into the "Start Date" box and leave the "End Date" box blank. 

    If the event takes place over a range of dates, enter the start date and end date into the appropriate boxes.
  • All Day Event/Use Begin and End Times: If you do not wish to specify a time frame for the event, you should leave "All Day Event" selected.  If you would like to enter a Begin and End time for the event (e.g. 9AM - 11AM), select "Use Begin and End Times", then enter the desired times into the boxes that appear.
  •  Image: If you select an image, it will be displayed in the event description box that appears when you click on an event.  To select an image from our Graphics Library, click the "Open Image Selection Tool" button and select a graphic.
  • Preview: If you select an image for the event, the graphic will be displayed here.
  • Description: You can enter a complete description of the event here.  The text you enter here will be displayed in the event description box that appears when you click on an event.

    The Description box includes an advanced text formatting toolbar that is identical to the toolbar found in the Enhanced Text page type.  Click here for more information on the options available in the Enhanced Text toolbar.  You can also click the ? icon in the toolbar for help with the various options.
  • Use Publish Dates: You should check this box if you would like to specify a range of dates for the event to be published to your site.  If you activate this option, the event will appear on your Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) pages on the selected "Publish On" date, and will disappear from your Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) pages on the selected "Publish Until" date.