What is the Calendar: Manage Events option in the Update Index? What is the Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar) page type and how do I use it? How do I create a master list of Calendar Events for my site? What is the best way to create a Grid-Style Calendar?

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The "Calendar: Manage Events" option and the "Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar)" page type are used together to allow you to post a month-by-month grid calendar on your website.  Posting calendar information requires two steps:
1) Create a list of calendar events using the Calendar: Manage Events option.
2) Add a "
Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar)" page to display the calendar information on your website.

To use these features to set up a calendar:

- Go to your Update Index and click the "Page Settings" tab.  (The Calendar editing options are listed first under this tab, and the Calendar: Manage Events screen will display by default when you go to Page Settings.) 

- You will see a page displaying a grid calendar.  Click the Add Event button on the left side of the page to set up an event listing.  When you create an event, it be added to your calendar for the specified date or set of dates.

When you create an event, you will be asked to select a Category.  (You will need to create a new category the first time you create an entry.  You can create new categories at any time by clicking the "Add" link next to "Category".)

Categories can be used to separate events into different sections, so that you can have different calendar pages that post different information.  If you would like to post all your calendar information on a single page, you would only need to create one category.  If you would like to post different information on different pages, you should create separate categories for each page.

For example, you could create separate categories for "Test dates" and "Birthdays".  You could set one Enhanced Calendar page to display only events in the "Test dates" category, and set a second Enhanced Calendar page to display only events in the "Birthdays" category.

More information about the options on the Add Event page can be found here.

You can view all your active Calendar entries by clicking the Manage Events button.  This master list of events is used by all your "
Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar)" pages, which are used to display the events on your site.

- Once you have set up your schedule of events, you can add a "
Calendar (Grid-style Enhanced Calendar)" type page to post your information.  You can add this page type just as you would add other page types (go your Update Index, then click the Add New Page button).

When you first add an Enhanced Calendar page, it will display all your calendar events.  If you would like to display only some specific events on the page, click the page's top divider to access the Update section, then uncheck the categories that you do not want to display.

If you wish, you can create multiple Enhanced Calendar pages, and set each page to only display information from a specific category.

This method is the best way to set up a grid calendar.  It is also technically possible to post a grid calendar using tables in formattable page types such as Enhanced Text, All Purpose, or Homework With Text Formatting pages.  See http://support.teacherweb.com/index.php?action=kb&article=70 for more information on this alternate option.