How do I import grades from other gradebook programs not listed in the FAQ?

Importing Grades from other Gradebook programs not listed in the FAQ

  • There are a lot of gradebook programs! TeacherWeb® will work with any gradebook company to define an Import procedure for their software. You can direct your gradebook program representative to contact us by opening a Support ticket, or if any teacher/staff member knows the gradebook program's Export capabilities thoroughly, they can contact us as well. 

  • In the interim, we provide two computer industry standard Import formats, namely, the Tab-delimited and Comma-separated values formats. If you can get your Grades info into one of those formats (as described here), then you can Import your data into the TeacherWeb® Grades Pages. 

  • Similarly, if you can Copy and Paste, or enter your grades into a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft® Excel) with a Student Name column, a Student ID column and other Grades/Info column(s), you can then Import from there into TeacherWeb®.  Instructions are given here.

  • Also, if a gradebook program allows one to produce a single grades report in HTML format, with Grades/Info being listed only by Student ID, then you may wish to upload that HTML page to your TeacherWeb® site using the HTMLPages or MyPages.