How do I import grades from MicroGrade into my Grades page?

Importing Grade Records from MicroGrade

  • Open your grades file and select "Export" > "General..." from the File Menu. 

  • There are nine boxes at the top of the General Export screen where you select your data. Below that is a large box that lists the fields of data you select, as you select them. First, choose either "Last Name" or "First Name" in the Student box (It is not possible for you to select first and last name as the first two columns in your export as the ID must be in the 2nd column, so it is best to select the last name as the first column). Next, select "ID", also in the Student box. At this point, you can select as many columns of data that you'd like to include. You can choose to have to your grades listed as a Percent, Letter Grade or Raw Score. If you were to select Last Name, ID, Overall Grade-Letter, and Semester 1 Grade-Percent, this is what would be displayed in the large box in the export window:
    «Last Name»«ID»«Letter:Overall Grade»«Percent:Semester 1»

  • When you are done selecting the fields, either click on "Export...", or if you would like to save your settings for future use, click on the "Save Template..." button and give it a name (such as "TeacherWeb"). The next time you export, just click on "Open Template..." to choose your saved settings.

  • After you click on "Export..." a window titled "Select File Format" appears. The settings to be used are General Export Format, Field Separator: TAB, Include Quotes Around Fields: Never, and Include Field Names RecordNow, click "OK", give your file a name (e.g., Sample.txt), and MicroGrade will produce a text file.

  • To import this file, go to your Update Grades page, select "I want to import a file I have created, or a file that my gradebook exported", and then select "MicroGrade" from the "How would you like to load your Grades information" drop-down box.

  • Make sure "First Row in File contains important header information" is checked, select the text file that was exported from MicroGrade and click "Upload File".  Your grades will be imported and an "Import Succeeded" message will be displayed at the bottom of the page.