How do I import grades from eClass Grades into my Grades page?

Importing Grades from eClass Grades

Select Exporting either Grades Records or Single Grades Web Page.

  • Exporting/Importing eClass Grades Records
    • eClass Grades allows you to create your own Export Filter, for exporting your information in the right format to Import into a Grades Page. When you select a class and choose "Export" from the File menu, click on the "New" button to define the fields that go into your Export Filter. Remember that the 1st field must be the Student Name and the 2nd field must be the Student ID followed by all the other fields you wish to display. Each field must be delimited by a tab and and the final field must be a carriage return to indicate the end of a student record.

    • We have created a "TeacherWeb" Export filter that you can download by clicking on TeacherWeb.flt. If you download our filter, save it in eClass Grades' "Filters" directory which is a subdirectory of where you installed eClass Grades. Once added to the "Filters" directory, you can choose this filter by selecting "TeacherWeb" from the Export filter list. You can also edit our filter to meet your needs by clicking on the Edit button when the TeacherWeb® filter is highlighted. Note if you are editing our filter: The last field in our filter definition is "Constant Text" - if that field is not the last field, the results will be invalid because that field contains a carriage return character that indicates the end of a student record.

    • Whether you use our filter or your own when exporting, click "OK", give your file a name such as "MyExport.txt" (for example) and press "Save". 

    • To import your grades file, go to your Update Grades page, select "I want to import a file I have created, or a file that my gradebook exported", and then select "eClass Grades" from the "How would you like to load your Grades information" drop-down box.

    • Make sure "First Row in File contains important header information" is NOT checked, select the .txt file that was exported from eClass Grades and click "Upload File".  Your grades will be imported and an "Import Succeeded" message will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • Exporting/Importing eClass Grades Single Grades Web Page

    You can Export a single web page from eClass Grades that displays all grades for all students in a class, and then upload that web page to a TeacherWeb® HTMLPage or My Page. The web page contains no student names, just the defined, private student IDs. Hence, while all info is viewable by all, each student only knows what grade he/she received. If this approach is acceptable, then the following procedure can be used:

    • Open your grades file, select a class and choose "Export" from the File menu. 

    • Select "HTML Group Report" from the list of Export Filters and click on "OK". When you enter the file name, be sure that the only period (".") in the filename is the one right before "htm" - for example, the filename should be changed from math.cls.htm to mathcls.htm - eliminating the imbedded period.

    • Finally, upload that web page to a HTMLPage or My Page (Instructions are given in this section of our FAQ).