How do I import grades from Class Mate into my Grades page?

Importing Grade Records from Class Mate

  • In Class Mate, a pre-defined export named "" is provided in the export section. You can define as many export formats as you want, and there is a wide variety of data (grade and attendance) that can be included in each export. You can also control the field order and whether a header record is generated. The TeacherWeb® export can be modified by the user to include the grade information desired, or a new export can be defined. To access the feature:

    • Select Class/Export Data from the main menu. 

    • Select "" as the export to perform. 

    • Press Export

  • Class Mate will generate a file called "teacherweb.txt" and put it in your export folder. To import this file, go to your Update Grades page, select "I want to import a file I have created, or a file that my gradebook exported", and then select "Class Mate" from the "How would you like to load your Grades information" drop-down box.

  • Make sure "First Row in File contains important header information" is checked, select the "teacherweb.txt" file that was exported from Class Mate and click "Upload File".  Your grades will be imported and an "Import Succeeded" message will be displayed at the bottom of the page.