How do I add new pages to my website? How do I change the names of pages, or delete pages I don't need?

To add, rename, or delete pages, go to your Update Index.  The default page that appears will allow you to make these changes.

To add new pages, click the Add New Pages button.

To rename pages, click the Edit Page Settings button next to any page.  (This section also allows you to change the home page icon, add graphics to pages, and post audio or video, hide the page, password-protect the page, or enable an alternate password to update the page.)

To delete the page, click the Delete button.

To reorder your pages, click the Reorder Pages button.  On the resulting page, click and hold a Move button and drag it up or down to change the order.

To restore deleted pages, click the Deleted Pages tab, then click Restore next to any page you'd like to restore.

You can customize your website in a variety of ways by adding, deleting, and renaming pages.  For example, you can represent multiple classrooms or classes by adding new pages and renaming the pages to be specific to each class.  You can post more of your favorite page type (you could make a site entirely made of Enhanced Text pages or HTMLPage pages), or remove page types you don't use.  The Update Index
gives you full control over the setup of your site.