Can I post links to documents using a page type other than the Photos/Docs page?

Any page type that allows you to post hyperlinks can be used to post links to your uploaded files.  This includes Links, LinksPlus, 3 Column Links, Enhanced Text, NewsFlash, Blog, All Purpose, or Homework With Text Formatting pages.  Simply enter the file name of your uploaded file into the URL box instead of a web address. 

For example, if your uploaded file is called filename.doc, you could enter filename.doc into the URL box of a Links page to post a link to that uploaded file.

Please note that you can only post links to files that you have uploaded to your site using the File Management option.

The Enhanced Text page type provides an additional easy-to-use option.  The page's formatting toolbar includes a "Files/Links" drop-down menu that allows you to easily insert file links into your page. 

To do this, click the Files/Links drop-down menu on the page.  Expand the "Files" list.  You will be able to select uploaded files to easily insert them into the page.