How do I add an Inspiration document to my web?

The best way to upload an Inspiration document would be to export your file as a JPEG (or GIF) image.  To do this, select the Export option in Inspiration's File menu.  You can then upload the image file to your site, as described here.

Another option would be to save the Inspiration file as a .rtf or .doc file, upload the file, and post it to one of your Photos/Documents Pages.  This can be done by clicking the "Transfer" button on the toolbar, which will open the file in your word processor (such as Microsoft Word).  You can then save your file as a .doc or .rtf file.   Once you've done this, upload the document to your website as described here.

Although Inspiration provides a HTML export option, we do not suggest using it.  The procedure is considerably more complex, and does not provide any significant advantages over the JPEG export option outlined above.

Also see Inspiration's technical support at: