I've lost all (or some) of my page icons on my Home Page. How do I fix it?

If you delete a page, the associated icon will no longer appear on the Home Page. So, if you delete ALL your pages, no icons will appear on the Home Page. Since there are no divider lines on the Home page, you will no longer have access to a bottom divider line to access your Update Index.

If this happens, you can still access your Update Index page by entering the web address of that page directly into your browser's Location bar. The web address of your Update Index will always be your web address followed by "/update.htm".  For example, if the web address of your site is http://teacherweb.com/AK/Appleton/Applebee, your Update Index will be online at:

Once you've reached your Update Index page, click the Deleted Pages tab and use the "Restore" links to add any desired pages back into your site.  Or, click the "Add New Page" button to add some new pages to your site.