Frequently Asked Questions



All Purpose page
A TeacherWeb page type that includes a formatting toolbar with a variety of options. The All Purpose page requires a current version of Java to update.
divider line
These images appear near the top and bottom of each page in Classic and Classic Frames sites. Click the top divider line to update a page. Click the bottom divider line to access the Update Index and customize your website.
Copy a file from your website (or any internet site) to your computer.
Dreamweaver is a web development application from Macromedia and Adobe Systems.
Email distribution list
A list of email addresses, collected for the purpose of sending a single email to the entire group.
Frame Style
A variation on the Classic style web that removes the home page and replaces it with a sidebar that appears on all pages. See for more information.
FrontPage is an HTML editor and website development tool from Microsoft.
Home Page
The front page in your site. In most web style, the first page in your page order acts as the home page. In the Classic setup, a separate home page with icons appears.
Homework With Text Formatting
An older TeacherWeb page type that includes a formatting toolbar. This page type can only be updated in a limited set of browsers. We recommend that you use the newer Enhanced Text page type instead.
Hypertext Markup Language, the predominant language for web pages. Advanced TeacherWeb users can use HTML code to create effects in plain-text sections of the website. See for more information.
Text (or graphic) that can be clicked to lead to another website or document. Information on posting hyperlinks can be found at .
Inspiration document
A visual learning software tool from Inspiration Software, Inc.
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is a web browser from Microsoft Corporation.
A platform and programming language from Sun Microsystems, often used in interactive features. Java is used in All Purpose pages and Slate pages. Java software can be downloaded for free at
Microsoft Excel
A spreadsheet program from Microsoft Corporation.
Microsoft Powerpoint
A presentation program from Microsoft Corporation.
Microsoft Publisher
A publishing program from Microsoft Corporation.
Microsoft Word
A word processing package from Microsoft Corporation.
Navigation Bar
List of links to all pages in your site, appearing at the left side of the page in most setups. In Classic sites, it appears at the top of all pages other than the home page.
A web browser from Netscape Communications.
A page type that can be used to create an email distribution list. The page includes the option to send an email to the list when the page is updated.
Areas of the website that allow you to enter only plain text, with no formatting. This includes the text entry boxes in Homework, NewsFlash, and LinksPlus pages, as well as the Footnotes section of the Home page.
A TeacherWeb page type which provides an interactive online chalkboard. Students can draw pictures which can be saved or sent to you. See for more information.
Teacher Index
The list of all websites on TeacherWeb, organized by state, school, and name. To find a site in the Teacher Index, go to and click "Find Your Teacher" in the top right corner.
TeacherWeb Terms and Conditions
They are available at
Update Index
The "command center" of your site, where you can customize your site or reach any editing area. To reach the Update Index, click the bottom divider of any page (in Classic setup) or the Copyright notice (in Template Design setup).
Copy a file from your computer to your website. To upload a file, go to your Update Index, then select Page Settings > File Management.
The web address, or online location, of your website. An example of a URL is: