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How do I change my password?
To change your password: Go to your Update Index page. Click the "My Account" tab, then select Password Management in the left sideba
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How do I get my password if I've forgotten it or lost my password?
View Video Tutorial To retrieve your password: Click the link to access your Update Index (bottom divider in Classic sites, Copyright link in Template sites).
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How can I allow students or others to update/add info to my web site? How can I use the Alternate Password facility?
You can allow students to update certain, selected pages of your web site by assigning the Alternate Password to those pages. You can have only one Alternate Password for
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Can I password protect the viewing of pages?
You can password-protect the viewing of any page.  To do this, go to your Update Index and click the "Edit Page Settings" button for the page you'd like to prot
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I can't login but it's not giving me any error message. My domain name appears in the browser bar.
If you are using Internet Explorer and your own domain name, there can be a problem with login based on how your domain name has been setup. If your domain name is through Te
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