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How do I change my email address?
To change your email address: Go to your Update Index page. Click the "My Account" tab. Enter your new email address i
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How do I allow students to email me from my web site? How do I remove the email link from my site?
To allow or prevent students from emailing you from your TeacherWeb site: Go to your Update Index page. Click the "Site Settings" tab.
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Why doesn't my email link work?
The email link in a TeacherWeb site will lead users to a form that can be filled out to send a message to your site's registered email address. If you have trouble receiving
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How do I rename the email link in the navigation bar at the top of each page?
To make this change, go to your Update Index and click the Site Settings tab.  Click Customize Web.  Go to the "Email Name" box.  The text your enter
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Is there a guestbook feature available on TeacherWeb? What would be the best way to set this up?
The Blog page type allows you to post an online guestbook.  Click here for more information on the Blog page.  Also see this Video Tutorial on using the Blog page ty
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