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Text Formatting

How do I add text formatting within a page, such as bold, italics, underlining, and more? How do I add a "live" link to another page? How do I add a picture?
Some pages provide built in formatting features.  Other pages provide only plain-text entry boxes (but can still be formatted using HTML code as described here). 
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How do I select the font face, color and size of my text, the page title, headings, page links, and navigation bar? How do I change fonts throughout my web?
In Classic and Classic Frame sites, it is possible to change fonts that appear throughout your web.  To do this, go to your Update Index and click the Site Settings tab.&
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How do I put special characters, math symbols, subscripts and superscripts on my web?
The Enhanced Text page type includes a built-in option to insert a selection of special characters.  For more information, see the page's Help menu (the "?" but
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