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What is the NewsFlash page, and how do I use it?
The NewsFlash page contains a text box with an advanced formatting toolbar, just like an Enhanced Text page.  However, when your web is marked as Paid, the NewsFlash page
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How do I change the settings for a newsflash page? How do I update a NewsFlash?
Below is an overview of the functions available in the Update NewsFlash page.  (To reach this page, go to your NewsFlash page and click the top divider line.)  Mor
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I used the NewsFlash page to send an email, but I did not get my copy of the email. Why?
If your web's registered email address includes multiple addresses, only the first email address listed will be used for the NewsFlash email's To address. Also, Hotmail an
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What are some of the options for a NewsFlash page?
Customization options on the NewsFlash page will allow you to: Override the default options for the NewsFlash email's Subject line (the default is "NewsFlash
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How can I associate an email entry with the owner's name in my NewsFlash page distribution list?
If a student/parent uses the "Add Email or Mobile Device Address" button on a NewsFlash page to add their email address to the page's distribution list, both the ema
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Can I send a NewsFlash notice to my mobile device or cell phone?
Yes. When you add the "Subscribe to this NewsFlash" button to a NewsFlash page, parents and students will have the option of entering either an email address or a ce
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How do I control who adds themselves to my NewsFlash page's email distribution list when I have the "Subscribe to this NewsFlash" button active?
There are two options that will give you full control over who is added to your NewsFlash list. One option is to fully remove the "Subscribe to this NewsFlas
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