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About TeacherWeb

What web browsers does TeacherWeb Support?
TeacherWeb can be viewed and updated using the most current versions of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (version 7 and higher) Firefox (version 2 and
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What is WorkNotes? What is the difference between WorkNotes and TeacherWeb?
WorkNotes is a separate web-creation service, also offered through TeacherWeb, Inc.The TeacherWeb service is specifically available to educators, as described in the TeacherWe
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Can we use TeacherWeb, or any part of TeacherWeb, on our own server or as part of our software?
Use of any part of TeacherWeb® requires a license be obtained from TeacherWeb, Inc. TeacherWeb® is currently not being licensed for use on others' servers and there ar
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What are TeacherWeb, Inc.'s Terms and Conditions?
TeacherWeb Terms and Conditions are available at
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Who is TeacherWeb, Inc?
TeacherWeb® was developed jointly by Semantech, a software development company, and Telecomm Resources, a consulting and Internet services firm, in 1996.  It
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What is TeacherWeb Inc.'s Privacy Policy? What is your privacy policy? Do you have any information on TeacherWeb security practices?
Information on TeacherWeb security practices and its privacy policy is available at
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Does TeacherWeb have an E-Rate SPIN or ERate SPIN? Is TeacherWeb E-Rate eligible or ERate Eligible?
Yes TeacherWeb is E-Rate eligible. Our E-Rate SPIN is 143027750.
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