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Page Types

Sub Categories
All Purpose Page Type (3)
Information and Detail on the All Purpose Page Type
Blog (4)
Calendar Schedule & Tables (7)
Information on Calendar, Schedule, and Table pages
Links / LinksPlus / 3 Column Links (2)
Links / LinksPlus / 3 Column Links
MyPages / HTMLPages (3)
Information about the MyPage and HTMLPage types
NewsFlash (7)
Send alerts out to cell phones and email addresses.
Response Page - Online Tests and Quizzes (5)
Give online quizzes and collect the answers (already graded) from students.
Slate Pages (2)
Information on TeacherWeb's exclusive Slate Page Technology.
Supply List / Wish List (1)
Information on using the Supply List and Wish List page type.
Word Search Generator & Puzzle Generator (1)
Create word searches and number searches

What page types are available in TeacherWeb?
TeacherWeb Page Types  To add new pages to a TeacherWeb site, go to the Update Index and click the Add New Pages button near the bottom of the screen. View Video Tuto
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How do I customize my web on TeacherWeb®?
Your site's Update Index is the "command center" of your website.  From here, you can make all general changes (anything other than edits to individual pages),
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My formattable page is responding slowly/is having performance issues. What can I do to address this? What does the "Automatically clean input to optimize for the web" checkbox do?
In some cases, extra HTML formatting code can be copied into a formattable page (Enhanced Text, All Purpose, etc.) when you copy and paste text from an outside source, such as
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Is there a guestbook feature available on TeacherWeb? What would be the best way to set this up?
The Blog page type allows you to post an online guestbook.  Click here for more information on the Blog page.  Also see this Video Tutorial on using the Blog page ty
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How do I add hyperlinks to my site?
Hyperlinks can be posted to your site in several ways. The Links, LinksPlus, and 3 Column Links pages all provide URL input boxes in their Update pages.  Any web address
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How can I add an entry to the navigation bar and on the Home Page that goes to some website other than my own web? How do I use the Redirect page type?
The Redirect page type allows you to post a home page link that will lead directly to an outside website.To add a Redirect page, go to your Update Index and click the Add New
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What are the different page types and what will the resulting pages look like?
The different page types are described at TeacherWeb Page Types.  Examples are shown in the Sample Web.   The page names and update page's structure also guve g
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I'm receiving an error message when I try to upload a file using my MyPages or HTML Pages. What can I do?
Invalid File Type:If you receive this error message, it is likely that you are attempting to upload the wrong file type to this page.  HTMLPages and MyPages are spe
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I'm using a Mac and I uploaded a Word file using my MyPages or HTML Pages and strange characters appear in a few spots. What can I do?
One common cause of this issue is that Word is set to output Western European(Mac) rather than Western European(Windows) which is the standard for both PC and Mac.  To fi
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