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How do I change the settings for a newsflash page? How do I update a NewsFlash?

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Created 2007-10-12
Modified 2009-06-10
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Below is an overview of the functions available in the Update NewsFlash page.  (To reach this page, go to your NewsFlash page and click the top divider line.)  More information on the NewsFlash page can be found here and here.
  1. NewsFlash Message (top text box): This is the text that will appear on the page.  The page is updated just like an Enhanced Text page, and contains a formatting toolbar with a variety of options. 

    Simply enter text into the text box, then click the "Submit Update" button to update the page.   (Or, if you wish to post your information AND send and email to your distribution list, you would click the "Submit & Send Email" button instead.)

  2. Email Subject:  The text you enter here will appear as the Subject line of your NewsFlash email.

  3. Email From Name: The text you enter here will appear as the name (alongside your email address) in the From line of your NewsFlash email.  Please note: your site's registered email address will always appear within the message - the text you enter here will appear alongside the email address in the From line, but will not replace it.

  4. Email/Text Message: This option allows you to add a brief text message to the NewsFlash email.

    This is what your recipients will see if they have chosen to receive the NewsFlash as a cell phone text message. In addition, those people receiving your NewsFlash via email will receive this message along with the link to your TeacherWeb® site NewsFlash page. In this way, you can write a short message to your recipients telling them why you would like them to visit your site.

    Due to text messaging constraints, this text message must be short and concise (120 characters or less). However, the main NewsFlash message published to your website can be as long and detailed as you like.

  5. Manage Options link: The Manage Options link allows you to log into the backend of your NewsFlash page, where you can set different options to allow visitors to subscribe themselves to the page's list.  Please note that you will need to enter your password to log in.

    The Manage Options section includes the following options:
    - "Allow Users to Subscribe":  This option allows you to choose whether to allow site visitors to subscribe themselves to your NewsFlash email list via a button on the View page.  When a NewsFlash page has this option active, an "Add Email Address or Mobile Device" button
    will display at the bottom of that NewsFlash page.  Visitors to the site will be able to click this button to add themselves to this page's email distribution list.

    - "Require Password":  If this option is selected, anyone clicking the
    "Add Email Address or Mobile Device" button will need to enter a password (provided by you) before they can successfully add themselves to the list.

    - "Subscribe Password": This section allows you to create or edit the password needed for others to subscribe themselves to the NewsFlash list for that page.

  6. Manage Subscribers link: The Manage Subscribers link allows you to log into the backend of your NewsFlash page, where you can edit the email lists for all your NewsFlash pages.  Please note that you will need to enter your password to log in.

    In this section, you can:
    - Enter (or edit) the Name and Email Address for all email addresses in the list.

    - Use the checkboxes to select which emails are included in which pages' lists.

    - Delete any entry from the list (by clearing all checkboxes for that entry.

    - Use the "Export" option to view a full text list of all email addresses for each page.

    - Clear all entries in all NewsFlash pages if needed.

    - Add multiple email addresses at once if needed.

  7. "Submit Update" button: Enter your password and click this button to update the contents of your NewsFlash page, without sending notification to your recipient list.

  8. "Submit & Send Email" button: Enter your password and click this button to update the contents of your NewsFlash page, and send a notification to members of your distribution list.

    To get started with this feature, add one or more recipients by clicking the "Manage Subscribers" link.  Or, use the tools under "Manage Options" to allow recipients to add themselves to your distribution list.

    Please note that this function is only available on paid webs, or on webs with account codes.

    When you send a message, the recipients will all be blind-copied (bcc'd) so the email addresses of all recipients will be kept private.

    ou will always receive a copy of any NewsFlash email updates you send to your distribution list.

    If there are any bad or invalid email addresses in your distribution list, you will usually receive notification that the email address "bounced" or the message was "undeliverable".  You should correct any invalid email addresses by clicking the "Manage Subscribers" link.

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