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How do I select the font face, color and size of my text, the page title, headings, page links, and navigation bar? How do I change fonts throughout my web?

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Created 2007-10-11
Modified 2010-08-31
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In Classic and Classic Frame sites, it is possible to change fonts that appear throughout your web.  To do this, go to your Update Index and click the Site Settings tab.  Next, click "Customize Fonts" in the left sidebar.

On the resulting page, you will be able to select new text formatting options for your title, page headings, page text, and navigation bars.

(Please note that certain page types will not be affected.  For example, since the Enhanced Text pages,
All Purpose pages, and Homework With Text Formatting pages include their own formatting options, the "Customize Fonts" option will not affect the formatting of these pages.  To change formatting in these page types, you should use the tools provided in the page's formatting toolbar.  Click here for more information on formattable page types.)

Please note that the above information only applies to sites using the Classic and Classic Frame styles.  All other styles are Template Design type styles, which use a built-in set of fonts, backgrounds, etc.

When a Template Design style is active in your site, the Customize Fonts option will not appear.  However, you can still use the formattable page types to display text in different fonts.

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