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How do I post my students' Grades or other confidential information?

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Created 2007-10-11
Modified 2009-08-26
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The Grades page type allows you to do this.  You can add one or more Grades pages by clicking the Add New Page button on your Update Index (just as you would add any other page type).  Detailed instructions on how to use the Grades pages are provided here.

There are three ways to import grades or other confidential information from gradebook programs or other sources:

  1. Grades Text Records

    Grades pages allow you to enter or import records with Student Name, Student ID and Grades/Info. You can either type/copy text for individual students or import a complete set of student records, provided that the information is in the correct format.  You will create a unique ID for each student, which should be kept private.  To check grades, each student will enter a unique ID, and info for only that ID will be displayed.

    For instructions on importing grades from Gradekeeper®, MarkBook®, Class Mate, Making The Grade, Easy Grade Pro, Grade Machine®, eClass Grades, Grade Quick, MicroGrade, GradeBook Plus, PowerGrade, Schoolmaster, other gradebook programs and spreadsheets, click here.

  2. Grades Web Pages

    If your gradebook program exports a folder of grades web pages (e.g., Gradekeeper®, Making The Grade, Easy Grade Pro, Schoolmaster), you can upload that folder using an Update Grades page.  For instructions, click here.

  3. Grades Single HTML File

    If you have a grades report that is a single HTML file, you can add it your site as an HTML Page or My Page.  MarkBook, Grade Machine, and eClass Grades provide this option.  Grades and other information are posted for all students, but are identified by an ID known only to each student.  For instructions, select your gradebook program on this page.

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