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I used the NewsFlash page to send an email, but I did not get my copy of the email. Why?

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Created 2007-10-11
Modified 2007-12-05
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If your web's registered email address includes multiple addresses, only the first email address listed will be used for the NewsFlash email's To address.

Also, Hotmail and some other email services may erroneously block your copy (and just your copy) of your NewsFlash email as part of their anti-Spam program.  This is because your copy of the NewsFlash email uses the same email address in both the From and To field.  If the email address in your web is valid, but you do not get a confirming copy of your NewsFlash email, this may be the cause.

Note that those on your Distribution List will still get the email. So if you use Hotmail or another email service that blocks your copy of the NewsFlash email, you can add another one of your email addresses to the email distribution list to receive a copy.

Naturally, you should also double-check your site's registered email address to make sure that it is listed correctly.

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