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What is the Response page and how do I use it?

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Created 2007-10-11
Modified 2009-09-08
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The Response page allows you to create online quizzes and tests for your students. The page can also be used for many other purposes that involve online feedback (such as creating a parent survey, conducting a class poll, etc.).

You can build a customized test by using several different types of questions. Question types include True/False, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Extended Response, and Multi-Paragraph Essay.  You can archive tests and then retrieve them later. The system can also automatically correct some question types - more information here.

You can choose to allow students to submit their completed tests to you online. Or, you can choose to allow students to do a self-test, which is automatically corrected online.

To add a Response page to your site, click the Add New Pages button in your Update Index.

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