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The text I entered did not wrap - it just kept going off to the right. What can I do?

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Created 2007-10-04
Modified 2008-02-24
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While viewers (e.g., students) can use any browser or workstation to view TeacherWeb®, teachers using WebTV and outdated browsers (e.g., AOL 3, Internet Explorer 3, Netscape 1) or non-standard browsers may have this problem when entering new, or editing old, text.

Try upgrading to a newer web browser to prevent this issue.

Or, if the problem occurred when copying text from an outside document into a formatted page type (such as an Enhanced Text page, an All Purpose page, or a Homework With Text Formatting page), it is possible that some unwanted formatting was copied from the original document.  You could try copying the text into a plain text document such as a Notepad file to clear the formatting.  Then, copy the plain text from Notepad into the page.

You should also check for long lines of text with no spaces.  This can cause all text on the page to re-wrap to the width of that long line.  You may need to shorten that line to correct the text.  For example, if you are using a long line of hyphens as a separator, you should reduce the length of the line so that it fits within the page.

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