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I'm using a Mac and I uploaded a Word file using my MyPages or HTML Pages and strange characters appear in a few spots. What can I do?

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Created 2007-10-05
Modified 2007-10-05
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One common cause of this issue is that Word is set to output Western European(Mac) rather than Western European(Windows) which is the standard for both PC and Mac.  To fix the problem it is necessary for you to change a setting in Microsoft Word's preferences. Please open up Word and select "Preferences" from the Word menu. Then, select the "General" heading and press the "Web Options..." button in the lower-right area of the page. On the "Web Options" screen that appears, select the "Encoding" tab, and change the "Save this document as:" setting to "Western European (Windows)" - you may need to temporarily uncheck the "Always save Web Pages in the default encoding" option to be able to make the change - make sure to place a check back in the box after selecting "Western European (Windows)". Finally, press OK to dismiss the "Web Options" screen, and OK again to dismiss the Preferences screen.  Try resaving the file and uploading it again to your site.

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