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I have a Mac and get a Invalid File Type error message when I try to upload my file?

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Created 2007-10-05
Modified 2007-10-05
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The problem may be that your Mac system is not including the file extension in the file name of the file you are trying to upload. If you try to upload a file that does not have a valid file extension in the file name, you will get the Invalid File Type message.

On the Mac, in OS9 , file extentions are not used/needed by default, special metadata is used instead. Some programs do add the file extents and some don't.  To avoid the problem altogether, set your computer to always show the file extensions by going to the Finder menu, selecting Preferences, and then clicking on the checkbox next to "Always show file extensions".

In Mac OSX, file extensions are always used, but they are hidden by default.

When you upload any file, the file extension must show in the filename text box (to the left of the Browse button). So you may have to add the file extension manually (if it's missing) before selecting the file to upload.

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