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Why can't I see my updates? Is there a delay before they show up on my web?

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Created 2007-10-04
Modified 2007-11-25
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All changes are made immediately.  When you submit an update, you will see a Confirmation page indicating that your update was successful.  Once this page displays, viewers will immediately be able to see the changes.

If you do not see your updates after making changes, it is likely that your browser is displaying a cached version of the page.  This is an old version of the page that can be saved on your computer (for faster loading) even after the page has been successfully updated.  Any viewers accessing the page from other computers would see the current version that exists online.

If your updates do not appear immediately, you should click your browser's Reload or Refresh button to see the updated version. The Reload/Refresh button forces the browser to get the latest version of the page it's currently displaying. (Sometimes, especially when using Netscape, one must hold down Shift or CTRL while pressing Reload in order to view the latest version of the page.  Mac users should try holding down Option while pressing Reload.)

You should also try clearing your Temporary Internet Files folder and/or clearing your Browser History.

Similarly, please note that it is also possible for a browser to display a cached version of an Update page.  If you make an update, then go back to make a second update to the same page, check that the Update page displays the latest changes. If not, Reload/Refresh the Update page.

If cached pages display frequently on your computer, you may need to adjust your browser settings to reduce the frequency with which your web browser displays cached pages.  Your browser should be set so that it checks for a new version of the page every time you visit the page.

In some rare cases, an entire school's network may be set to retrieve pages from its cache (memory) instead of from the Internet.  This can cause problems for anyone connected to the school network.  If you are connected to the school's network and Reload does not display the latest version of your pages, you should ask the person in charge of the school network to "not cache pages" or at least "not cache pages from BOTH AND". This will help all teachers using TeacherWeb® at your school. Any interactive Internet application will be affected in the same way if the school's network employs caching.

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