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I can't login but it's not giving me any error message. My domain name appears in the browser bar.

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Created 2009-08-27
Modified 2009-08-27
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If you are using Internet Explorer and your own domain name, there can be a problem with login based on how your domain name has been setup. If your domain name is through TeacherWeb this would not be an issue.   The problem appears when your domain name continues to show on the address bar as you visit TeacherWeb pages.

To solve this problem, you can:
1) Try using an alternative browser to do your updates.
2) Turn off the domain masquerading (where your domain shows in the browser bar instead of your TeacherWeb site address)
3) Transfer the domain name to TeacherWeb if you aren't using email through your domain name
4) Update your site by accessing it through your site address
5) change your domain masquerade to not include the target="_self" reference.

This issue is caused by the setup of your domain name and is outside of the control of TeacherWeb. 

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