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Can I hide an active page so that it is not linked from my Home page? How do I set up links to sub-levels of pages that are not linked from the Home page, navigation bars, or Frame sidebar?

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Created 2008-04-25
Modified 2009-09-03
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To hide an active page so that it is not linked from your Home page, navigation bar, or Frame sidebar:
1) Go to your Update Index and click the Edit Page Settings button for the page you'd like to hide.
2) Change the "Display this page on the menu" setting from Yes to No.
3) Click the Save button to submit the update.

When you hide a page, the page can still be accessed from your Update Index (using the "View" and "Update" links).  Changes to your site's formatting (backgrounds, divider lines, etc.) will be reflected on these pages.

When a page is hidden in this way, all automatic links to the page are removed from your Home page, navigation links, and Frame sidebar.  However, you can still post your own hyperlinks to the pages using Links pages and other pages with linking options.  (Click here for more information on hyperlinks.)

The URL (web address) of each page will appear in your browser's location bar when viewing that page.  You can enter the URL into a Links page to create a direct link to the hidden page.

This allows you to create a sub-index page, or sub-levels of pages.  You can hide pages, then create a Links page that links to the hidden pages.  The Links page will act as a sub-level index page leading to the hidden pages.

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